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Although Terrain Parks are an inherently risky part of the winter snowsports industry, the implementation of engineering design best practices in the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the park features is not only the right thing to do, it's the SMART thing. With USTPC's Smart Parks Certification program, ski resort managers now have the ability to confirm that their features conform to best engineering design practices, reducing the exposure to liability, protecting your park users and providing a powerful marketing tool to safety-conscious patrons and parents.

The Smart Parks Rating system administered by the US Terrain Park Council (USTPC), is voluntary, consensus-based, and market-driven. Its purpose is to evaluate terrain parks based on criteria for best practices as determined by the USTPC through inspection of a park’s management, design, layout, signage and roping, risk mitigation procedures, maintenance, safety protocols, education, and awareness, thus providing a definitive statement for what constitutes a Smart Parks terrain park. These criteria have been drafted with park designers and snowcat drivers in mind and aims to foster the design creativity that drives this ever-evolving industry.

Is your terrain park design contracted from an outside source? Ask them if their staff has been Smart Parks Educated.

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