About USTPC Membership

There are two classes of USTPC membership: individual and corporate affiliates. Individual membership includes voting rights and is open to anyone. Affiliated corporations may not vote, but can have input into the criteria development process and provide data and participate in USTPC research.

Individual Membership

Following the model of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), in order to maintain voting balance, there are three categories of individual membership:

1. Industrial: This individual membership category is intended for any member substantially employed or retained in a consulting or contractual capacity by the winter resort industry.

2. Technical: This individual membership category excludes those in the industrial category and is intended for those who have engineering or technical credentials or substantial work experience in the technical aspects of winter terrain park analysis, design, and/or safety. This category includes, but is not limited to, those engaged in engineering design or other technical analysis of winter terrain park features, and those engaged in epidemiological or bio-mechanical analysis of winter terrain park injuries.

3. Other: This individual membership category includes all other members not in the other categories such as winter terrain park patrons and other interested parties.

Corporate Affiliate

This membership class is intended for corporations and non-profit organizations.

Once you have joined USTPC, you will have access to the Members Only pages which allows you to view and contribute to the research archives and to review and comment on proposed criteria for best practices in winter terrain park management, design, operations, and maintenance.

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